RC Helicopter - Rescue & GPS Homing

The flight routines that produce rescue and GPS values are fed directly into the model’s physics routines. In other words, the challenge for those routines to accomplish successful flight is exactly the same in terms of realism as for us players/pilots using our transmitters.

The simulator’s Tx can be set to display purely the rescue and GPS routine's values, or those values combined with the stick inputs of the player.

Rescue has several adjustments, including the option to rescue to inverted. The GPS tilt rate and maximum tilt limit can be adjusted, just for fun!

Playback of recorded flights works by feeding the recorded Tx values back into the physics routines. This means the GPS Rescue feature can be activated anytime during playback of a recorded move.

You can set the GPS homing position to be yourself (the model you’re flying) and activate GPS for additional models flying around, which will then home in on your model’s position.

Rescue can also be activated after switching into throttle hold, which quickly spools up the heli and then rescues as usual.

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Experimenting With GPS Controls

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Helis Follow The Leader Via GPS

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