RC Helicopter - Animation & Effects

The sensitivity of blade bending is adjustable via the control panel, as demonstrated in the “Blade Bending – Slider Control” video. Slider controls for adjusting blade feathering and skid bending parameters will also be added.

Belt text animation is briefly described in the Special effects section, which describes how some simple transformations and UV map texture coordinates are used to animate the text.

There are currently three streaming methods for the particle fountain, all which have various colour changing options. Different particle type effects will eventually be added, including weather effects.

Depth maps and Anisotropic filtering are briefly explained near the top of the “Graphics - Physics & Performance” page.

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Belt Text Animation Via UV Map

Duration: 01:22

Blade Bending - Slider Control

Duration: 01:57

Blade Feathering Slow Motion

Duration: 01:37

Depth Map Effect - Wooden Floor

Duration: 01:05

Image Clarity - Anisotropic Filtering

Duration: 01:24

Particle Fountain Effects

Duration: 01:28

Skid Bending & Heli Walking

Duration: 01:40