RC Helicopter - Autorotation & Throttle Chops

Several settings have already been added which change how the RPM responds to cyclic and collective pitch changes.

For example, 450 size helicopters have very little momentum in the main blades at the point of applying positive collective after descending, whereas 750 size helicopters in comparison have lots of energy in the blades.

You can adjust the settings to make flying seem more realistic, or simply to cheat by reducing how much the stick movements slow the blades. The RPM rate of increase, maximum limit, and zero pitch drag, can also be adjusted.

The latest feature added sets how dependent cyclic rotation is on the RPM. For example, when set to very low, the model can still be rotated by cyclic stick inputs even though there might be almost zero RPM. This can help in performing a more level landing in cases where the RPM has dropped too much.

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Autorotation Basic

Duration: 01:28

Autorotation Inverted

Duration: 01:26

Autorotation Silly Settings

Duration: 01:16