RC Simanic - Radio Control Model Simulator

Initially helicopters are being modelled as bespoke designs i.e. not specific models, but rather similar and/or typical variations of them. This 1st resemblance has been named "The Beast" and consists of numerous animated parts.

A download of the simulator will either be available later this year (2023), and/or the complete source code will be available for free (Open Source) via my website Programming Creatively. Several models should be ready to fly such as "The Beast", which is illustrated below in Blender, and the option to import models be completed. Eventually, planes, quads and cars are to become part of the model range. More features will be developed over time and any updated information will be added to the website.

Visit my OpenGL Graphics Tutorials on YouTube. The quick start tutorials are designed to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. Source code is provided for each tutorial, my goal being to eventually create tutorials explaining all aspects of how to program your own simulator.

Blender - Free 3D Modelling software

You can download Blender here. It can be challenging but also great fun for those who are interested in creating models. There are lots of online videos showing how to use 3D modelling software which can help enormously.

Screenshot of radio control helicopter via Blender's 2.79 user interface - Front side view with canopy off.
RC helicopter modelled in Blender - without canopy. Detailed components list to the right.
Screenshot of radio control helicopter via Blender's 2.79 user interface - Rear side view with canopy on.
Rear view of "The Beast" helicopter with canopy on. Detailed components list to the right.